The Start of 2016, Vision Board Style!

Hey Loves!!

I’M BACK!! Yes, I am back and it feels so good! This time I plan to stick around and blog consistently (every week).  When I first started my blog I really did not have a direction so this time around I plan to not be all over the place.  As you can see my blog will mainly focus on fashion, family, and finance in which I am passionate about all three. I will also talk about how they all correlate together. Some posts might not be directly about all three but it will somehow link to at least one of these topics.

So since it is the new year and everyone is setting new year resolutions and goals, I thought it would be a great idea to show you how vision boards can assist in setting and accomplishing goals. I have always been the type to write down my goals. So I thought why not go an extra step and visually post my goals. Now having a vision board is just the first step. You HAVE to put in the work to accomplish what is on your vision board but I feel having a vision board can help with holding you accountable.


The cost of making my vision board was literally under $10! I bought a tri fold display board from Walmart, and I used some old magazines I keep in my home office. I first wrote down all the goals I wanted to accomplish in the next five years. I did not hold back! Everything I seriously want to accomplish whether I feel it is out of my reach as of now is on my vision board. I looked through my magazines to find something that represented each goal and glued it on the board. I look at my board daily to make sure I am aligned with reaching my goals and this in itself is helping me. So I encourage everyone to do the same. Be great this year and all the years hereafter!

If you decide to make a vision board please share your experience in the comments! Also, make sure you check back next Sunday for ways to boost your credit score!


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