Beat Defeat!

Lately, I have battled on what to share and what not to share. I have a few reasons behind this, but what it all boils down to is what I felt people would think of me. I have worked really hard to get where I am today. People do not know my story, and I want to share it for two reasons. One reason I want to share my story is because I want to motivate others. I want them to know with hard work and prayer, anything is possible. I also want to share because I am very proud of myself. This journey has not been easy by far but I am climbing the ladder. Sometimes, I feel we as people are so quick to put down the next instead of uplifting them. Why do we hear about violence more than success stories? Is it because there is more violence than success in the world? This is a debatable topic, but I do not feel there is more violence than success in the world. I just feel that is what we choose to exploit. We say we are tired of seeing violence. However, as soon as somebody posts a success story we euthanize them by putting down or killing their dreams. I try to support others, because I understand how support can impact someone.
I was recently speaking with a young lady. She was telling me her dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. However, she did not want to do just hair. She wanted to create a brand for herself in the hair industry. Being that I am a freelance publicist, I started to give her some branding and marketing advice. Then, she went in depth on her struggle of completing her goals. She said she made a few mistakes in her past. Her consequences left her with no car because it was taken by her father. She was trying to right her wrongs, but she felt defeated. She was walking to school knowing it was not the safest thing to do. She would also have to leave school early to try to find a job to support herself through school. As she was telling me her story, I was thinking she just needs to do what she has to do, and don’t make excuses. I was thinking I know firsthand excuses will not get you anywhere. I did not have a whole lot of help but I am making a name for myself. She needs to do the same. Then, I remembered how hard it was and still is to accomplish goals with a lack of support. Maybe, I went through what I went through because I could withstand it. Maybe, she is at her breaking point and I could really affect her next step she makes towards success or either towards destruction. Sometimes, we do not know the impact we really have on people. If I would have said the wrong thing, she could have gave up. I personally do not want to play a part in someone’s destruction but I would rather see them succeed. I was not always this way. So I know we as people can change. Let us be more encouraging instead of negative.
My goal is to encourage others to be encouraging. They say sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. Words hurt! So let us choose our words wisely. I truly believe when you work on living a more positive life and encourage others, it has a major impact on you. I challenge everyone who reads this to say something to encourage someone today. It is a good feeling. I have never regretted saying something nice about someone even if it was not returned. I have regretted saying something negative to/about someone, and that impact can live on forever. You cannot take words back so say words you do not have to take back.


2 thoughts on “Beat Defeat!

  1. I love, Love, LOVE this!!! I’ve been going back and forth about staying on social media for this very reason. I want to inspire others and give support as much as I can bc you never know how that will affect them. It could seriously make or break someone’s mindset. We live in a world where promoting yourself is soo hard and gets you nowhere or in the term of ‘likes’ you may get close to 10. But when someone portrays women acting ‘ghetto’ or kids cursing or fighting it goes viral and talked about on just about every radio station! I worked with a lady that did a project on modern homeless ppl and she made a beautiful documentary. It basically shows that most of us are one check away from being in a shelter and she maybe gets 1 or 2 likes and noone shares her upcoming volunteer info. At the same time I have a close friend who post a video of her daughter swearing up and down a ghost wrote on the fish tank and it goes viral. What is the world coming to??? We have to seriously stick together, hold on to our beliefs, and truly use our rough backgrounds as a stepping stool for the next chapter in our lives!

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