Today my eyes were opened like never before. I am a woman so I know we as women suffer from insecurity issues but why? People sometimes downplay the pressure that comes along with being a woman. In today’s society women have to be fitness gurus, gourmet chefs, excellent mothers, overachievers, and meek but not a push over. That is just a small scale, and sometimes that is still not enough. I was exposed to this at a young age. I would see women whom I admired getting treated like trash by their husbands. I made the decision that I would not marry for this very reason. I never wanted to feel unappreciated, especially if I was trying my hardest. As I am getting older and my faith is growing, I am starting to understand the importance of having a God-fearing man to lead instead of having a man that is lead by the world. Therefore, my view on marriage has changed but it still bothers me how women are treated.

I encountered a woman who was battling an eating disorder today. As I observed, I felt sad for her. She explained to me that she has been battling since the tender age of eight. She said that the women in her family were all “stocky”, and she did not want to look like them. In her eyes she was fat but she was not even 100 pounds. She literally told me she hated food. She told me she ran six miles a day, 7 days a week. This is in no way healthy especially with no calories to burn. She started to talk about her kids, her husband, and how it was impacting them. I could tell how important her family is to her. However, trying to be the perfect wife and mother was taking a toll on her. As she was telling me this, I thought about her husband and wondered how supportive he was during her sickness. I would get my answer soon after. He called her. Instead of encouraging her on the call, he started to complain about the kids and how things were out of order. I could see the despair on her face, and she asked if he wanted her to come home. At that moment I realized how important it is for a woman to have someone who truly supports. I am not trying to play victim for women. However, how a man views and acts towards his woman is so essential to her potential. A lot of men do not realize that power. I remember listening to an Apostle. He was telling his story about how he and his wife would travel all over the world telling people about God and Jesus. They were disciples for the Lord but unable to conceive a child. He knew it was affecting her, and she cried often because of it. He did not want his wife to know but it was affecting him as well. They were traveling back from Africa from a mission trip, and as his wife slept, he broke down. He asked God why they were not blessed with a child. He said God’s answer was simple. His wife is a Queen and should be treated as such. The Apostle did not understand, because he felt he was a good husband and he was. However, being a good husband was not enough in God’s eyes. He got the revelation that his wife was a gift from God and to never take God’s gifts for granted. So from that day forward he went above and beyond for his wife. He did not put her down, he listened, rubbed her feet, encouraged her, and put in extra effort. He said within six months she was with child. The point is how a man treats women not only impacts the woman but the man as well. Being a good man can bring blessings like never before.

I see how men will demoralize women who they feel don’t possess the “qualities” they feel they deserve. Many of these men do not possess the same qualities they seek. I simply do not understand why it is so hard for some men to treat women well. It’s like it is frowned upon for a man to be good to or encourage women these days. I wish we as women could see our worth and demand the respect we deserve. I spoke about this in my previous blog post, “HAPPINESS”. You are a trophy! I also wish some men would be the leaders they were destined to be and would help to lead women to their destiny without the added pressure. I also salute the men who are already doing this! My intentions are not to bash men but to bring awareness. Pray, Lead, Encourage, and Support your women! The Payoff will be great! Many Blessings and Love! #WomanofValor #WritetoWork



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