The Beginning!

Ahhh! Where do I begin? First off I am very elated for my first blog. Also I thank everyone who took time out of their lives to read this. My blog will be a mixture of everything. However, I wanted my first blog post to be about why I decided to blog. I have always loved to write. I remember being a little girl locking myself in my room to write and come up with stories in my head. I did not know writing would be such a consequential part of my life. I used it as an outlet but I thought it was weird so I kept it to myself. I use it the same way today but now it has become a large part of my life! In a sense I feel the writing life kind of chose me, if that makes any sense. Lol My senior year of high school, myself and my entire senior class had to write an essay. The essay would be used as a competition to win an English scholarship. At that time, truthfully I was not concerned about the scholarship. I just wanted the grade. I had the worst case of senioritiis. I completed my essay the night before it was due (procrastination at its best). I remember sitting in my senior English class with my head down on my desk as they were preparing to announce the winner of the scholarship. Then I heard, “Destinee Rogers”. I was like what! I mean it was not expected at all especially since I completed the essay a night before it was due. Now I think back on it, I feel that was a sign for my future. I am told often that I am a very private person. Truth is being “open” is frightening to me. I feel safe in my little bubble with just me in it. As I am becoming wiser and maturing, I am learning to open up more. Someone told me recently that my story needs to be told to potentially help another woman or girl. I decided then that I shouldn’t keep in what God has delivered me from. If I can inspire just one girl or woman I will feel it is a success. If I make it, we all make it! I remember starting my first business ( I reached out to a lot of people for guidance but to no avail. Actually a lot of people tried to discourage me. I felt defeated and gave up. Months went by, and I was losing money every day. One day, as I was writing, I decided this is it. I will not make up any more excuses or play the victim. I am going to launch my first business TODAY! I felt I was not ready, and I was beyond scared!! I prayed about it, and just did it! I literally was shaking for an hour because I did not know how it would be received. After that hour, I smiled to myself. I did not make a sale that day but I accomplished much more. That day I conquered something I thought I would never overcome, FEAR! I have made PLENTY of mistakes since the launch of my first business but I’m learning in the process. I will start more businesses and projects such as this, and they might fail. However, I am ok with that because I’m doing something I was afraid to do, taking risks. I chose the name VALOR EXPRESSIONS for the blog because I felt it described me and my brand. Valor meaning the strength of mind or spirit; personal bravery and express meaning to put into words, THE STRENGTH OF THE MIND PUT INTO WORDS! I will not quit but only continue to grow. So I hope you all grow with me, follow my journey, and stay tuned! #WomanofValor #WritetoWork This is only the beginning! Many Blessings and LOVE! -Destinee Rogers

Special Thanks to the first person that told me to start a blog, and believing in me when I did not believe in myself. I will never forget.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning!

  1. Destinee I love it. Writing help us in many ways. That’s why many people have a diary. To put down their thoughts that otherwise will not be known. For many it is letting the fear go.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it! Yes, I have kept a diary for as long as I can remember. It was my release because I am not good at opening up to people! Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  2. Girl im just mow reading this but it makes me realize how much more we have in common! Im so proud of you! I’m gonna try to keep up with ya blogs! Keep them coming! Very encouraging!

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